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Padding Turntable 4 x 5000

for mass production of form sets, brochures, catalogs, weighing tickets, calendars, monthly desk-pads,
note-pads, writing-pads, note-cubes etc ... - 3 several models - each model for especially printing products.

Padding Turntable 4 x 5000 A2 HAD
Order No. 01014

for mass production of calendars, monthly desk-pads, note-pads, writing-pads, note-cubes etc...

Construction of this model corresponds to the padding turntable 4 x 5000 A3 HAD.

Variable, safe and effortless 2 spindle pressure with chain transmission.

4 presses, each with a piling height of 52,5 cm (20,6 in) are mounted on a turnable plate, thus allowing high loading capacity and continuous working.

Exact and rapid piling in tilted position of presses.

Rapid drying with hot-air fans. While one press is being loaded, material in the other press is drying and cooling down.

Additional second hot-air drying station can be installed for operation with 2 persons, or if slow-drying glues are used.

Piling height: 52,5 cm = 20.6 in 4x5000 A2 WT
Press width: 70 cm = 27.5 in
Press depth:
if desired:
32 cm = 12.6 in
42 cm = 16.5 in
Space required
in action:
2,4 x 2,4 m
= 8 x 8 feet
Weight: 174 kg = 400 lbs
Electrics per hot-air station: 380 - 420 V 3-phase,
3300/6450 W,
or 200 - 240 V 3-phase,
2250/4500 W
Basic model: 1 HAD-station, equipped with 3 hot-air fans 200 - 240 V, 1100/2150 W each, or 100 - 120 V, 750/1500 W. All hot air fans are equipped with additional cold air level.
Further accessories: 1 heat reflector for even drying and 1 press inset for small piles.
Order No. 01015
Second hot air drying station, incl. heat reflector for even drying.